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Are you part of a regional FirePRO group?

FirePRO is a membership body that is free for all UK fire and rescue sector communicators. It is run by members for members. The national FirePRO committee take the lead for the sector in developing standards, representing the sector, sharing learning and of course and promoting CPD, and acts as a critical friend to NFCC and Home Office on national communications initiatives.

 Local FirePRO groups, aligned to the UK FRS region structure, then provide an opportunity for members to receive local support and guidance as well as make connections with those they may work with regularly.

Regional liaison leads on the national FirePRO committee are Emily Cheeseman (Dorset & Wiltshire) and Richard Edney (Lancashire). Emily covers the southern regions and Richard covers the regions in the north, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Over the coming weeks and months, Emily and Richard will be contacting regional committees where they have been established or encouraging new committees to form.

FirePRO suggests regional committees meet quarterly to share learning, problem solve issues, collaborate and feedback relevant issues to the national committee.

Regional FirePRO committees are open to all levels of communication staff, from communications assistant upwards and includes those with a graphic design remit. It is also open to colleagues with a shared communication role, those who cover council, police or other local authority comms.

The National FirePRO committee supports regional committees through providing training, leading the sector and representing your views at a national level as well as sharing your learning with colleagues across the country.

For more information, please contact Emily ( or Richard (


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